The Power Of Pearls

This week is the fourth anniversary of my mother’s death and I have been thinking about her and the legacy she left behind. We shared a love of interesting jewellery. She had an excellent eye and one of the pieces I inherited from her was her pearl necklace.

Lily Blanche Pearl Necklaces

Three strands of ivory cultured pearls with a pearl and sapphire clasp, they live in a slim, navy leather case nestled in a white silk lining.  I have only ever worn them once – to a very grand white tie dinner in Helsinki for the Millennium Technology Prize, Finland’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

These are special occasion pearls and I feel I am the custodian of them for my daughters and their cousins. My daughter has said she wants to wear them on their wedding day.

Pearls Are Always Appropriate

Jackie Kennedy Onassis in the White House with John Kennedy Jr


“Pearls are always appropriate,” said Jackie Onassis but they can be intimidating. Jackie O knew what countless women – from Elizabeth I and Coco Chanel to Princess Grace of Monaco and Angelina Jolie -have learned; pearls equal power. And if ever women were reclaiming or finding their power, it is now.

Classic Pearls
Angelina Jolie address G8 delegates

Pearls never really come into to fashion and they never really go out of it. They are the ultimate anti-trend jewellery. It is absolutely no coincidence that the women in the Royal Family who have access to some of the most sumptuous jewels ever made, opt time and time again for pearls. From the Duchess of Cambridge to the Queen – pearls and royalty are synonymous.

It is not just the fact that they go with everything, or that a single string of classic pearls boost confidence and signals that you mean business. It’s that the creamy or pale pink lustre of pearls reflects the light upwards to the skin bathing it in a lovely glow. If you are regularly photographed or in the public eye, pearls will soften harsh lighting and lead to more flattering images. This was one of the secrets the Queen Mother passed on to her daughters.

Coco Chanel in pearls

Pearls are often, paradoxically, understated but dramatic in their effect. If you have pierced ears and you don’t already own a pair of cultured pearl stud earrings – acquire some. You will be amazed at the effect two little pearls can have and you may never feel properly dressed without them again!

One thing is certain, invest in pearls now and you will still be wearing them decades later. To shop the Lily Blanche Pearl sale click here




Wedding Lockets

It has to be one of the most romantic gestures ever. When Brad Pitt married Angelina Jolie at their family home, Chateau Miraval in Correns France, he gave her a locket containing a photograph of her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand. Angelina’s mother, whom she adored, died of ovarian cancer in 2007 at the age of just 56. Brad and Angelina had been dating for two years but Marcheline did not live long enough to see the couple marry or to meet their brood.

Angelina_Jolie_wiki image

By giving Angelina the locket, Brad ensured her mother’s “presence” at the wedding and ensured she remained in everyone’s thoughts throughout the day. Wedding lockets have long been a feature of Eastern cultures with Indian brides wearing a wedding locket on their big day. Now they are beginning to take off here.

At Lily Blanche requests for wedding lockets have soared in the past two years. As weddings becoming increasingly personalised, brides look to include meaningful gestures that have significance for them. The wedding locket, with the picture of a parent, grandparent or special friend who cannot make the big day, is a popular way to include them in proceedings and keep them close to your heart.

Bridal locket.jpg

Six of the Best –  Wedding Lockets

  1. The Memory Keeper Locket. Our special locket comes in sterling silver, 18 carat gold or rose gold vermeil. The Memory Keeper Locket opens and takes six photographs. It’s a wonderful piece that can be filled with memories of the big day and makes a really special piece for a bride, mother of the bride or groom’s mother. The locket is hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office and is engraveable. Choice of chain lengths available.
  2. Gold Love Lockets in Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby. These beautiful lockets contain a tiny diamond surrounded by precious stones. Chose from emerald, ruby or sapphire. The lockets in 18 carat gold vermeil are engravable and come on an 18 inch or 24 inch chain.
  3. Gold Key Locket. This sterling silver filigree heart locket with a little key in 18 carat gold vermeil is one of our most popular pieces. It’s a pretty and romantic piece which will go with almost any style for wedding dress. The locket opens to take two photographs or a lock of hair. Also available with a rose gold key.
  4. Rose Gold Feather Locket. Feathers appear when angels are near is the saying which inspired this locket and it is especially relevant if the person you are commemorating by wearing it at your wedding has passed away. The locket can be engraved and can be teamed with matching earrings, bracelets and pendants so that the entire bridal party can participate.
  5. Garnet Vintage Heart Locket. This stunning locket in sterling silver is a real statement piece. With a crimson heart-shaped garnet at its centre, it is the ultimate romantic locket. Hallmarked in Edinburgh, the locket looks fabulous on a bride who has red roses in her bouquet.

    LILY BLANCHE Garnet Vintage Heart Locket
  6. Gold and Sapphire Locket. This fabulous small locket is based on a gorgeous vintage piece in my grandmother’s collection. Made of 18 carat gold vermeil, the locket opens to take a tiny photograph. It features areal sapphire at its centre so you can combine the “something blue” tradition.Lily_Blanche_gold_locket_sapphire